Credit scores, credit cards, oh my…

Now that we’ve finished refinancing our home and purchasing a new car, I am not as concerned about our credit scores as I used to be.  Before these two events, I was trying to keep a pretty hard line on our credit history – no new credit cards, no cancelling credit cards, keeping our credit history as clean as possible, etc.  However, now that I don’t anticipate anything on the horizon that requires as high a credit score as possible, I am open to various things, such as applying to credit cards, if we can get something out of it.

My wife is about to open an account at PNC bank to get a free $150.  We get $75 up front and another $75 if we keep the account open til august and have direct deposit.  I think this is available only through her company, so it may not be available to you (sorry folks).  Before, I would have been hesitant because I think banks do a hard credit pull, which would most likely lower our credit scores, but now I say go for it.  Why not?  It’s an easy $150 to make.

I also came across an interesting credit card offer on My Money Blog…  (offer copied/summarized directly from his blog)… American Express is promoting a new charge card called the AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Card, which is different from their other Gold/Gold Rewards/Platinum/Precious Metal cards.  Sign-up incentives for new cardholders:

* Earn 15,000 Membership Rewards bonus points when you spend $1,000 in your first 3 months of Card membership.

* Offers 3X points on airfare, 2X points on gas and groceries, and 1X points on everything else.

* Earn 15,000 Membership Rewards bonus points when you spend $30,000 per calendar year.

* No annual fee for your first year.

I am debating signing up.  If I were confident that I could spend $30K to get that additional 15,000 bonus points, I would definitely sign up.  As it is, I am doubtful we can reach it, which makes this deal borderline for me.  Although if I follow my previous logic with the pnc bank account, I will sign up for this, but we’ll see.

But, if you are thinking of doing it, I would recommend you sign up through the links on his site as he may get some referral benefits (not sure), and he deserves it for alerting us to it.


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